Al Shindagha Museum Tickets

While in Dubai, you must be interested in the tradition and the rich cultural heritage of the United Arab Emirates. Explore the cluster of 21 houses that comprise the museum, each one of them preserved meticulously. The various interactive displays and the many immersive experiences tell you about Emirati history. Learn about the lives of the rulers of the Emirates and you are sure to find the section on the secrets of how to make Emirati perfumes very interesting. You also get to know a lot about Emirati culinary traditions, the history of their trading and much more at this very intriguing place.

Located in the Al Shindagha Historic District, the Al Shindagha Museum is a journey back in time into the Emirates’ past. Your learning begins here about the heritage and the traditions of the wonderful Emirati people. The 21 houses, all of them curated very well, that make the Al Shindagha Museum are located in the very peaceful alleys by the Dubai Creek. You’ll love the quaint environment the museum is located in just as much as you shall admire the exhibits displayed there. A visit to the Al Shingadha Museum lets you explore the Emirati cultural treasures preserved meticulously through the ages.

Why a Visit to the Al Shindagha Museum is worth It

  • It’s a wonderful educational journey into the past and the rich cultural heritage of the Emirates
  • The 21 houses that span the Al Shindagha Historic District welcome you to a world of immersive audio-visual displays, various objects of art, interesting photographs and more
  • The Al Maktoum Residence tells you about the lives and the history of Dubai’s rulers and the awe inspiring achievements of theirs
  • Learn about the art of making intoxicating Emirati perfumes and their significance in the Emirati way of life
  • Watch the stunning Emirati pieces of jewelry, learn about their traditional medicine and the amazing cultural legacy of the Emirates
  • You’ll love watching your kids enjoy themselves at an interactive story telling session at the Children’s Pavilion

The Al Maktoum Residence and the Perfume House deserve special mention. The Al Maktoum Residence is a journey back in time where you experience Emirati royalty as it existed in the 19th century. This was once the residence of the royal family that ruled Dubai. The Perfume House showcases the art of making perfumes using natural ingredients and also tells you about what the significance of perfumes is in Emirati culture and way of life. You’ll also come across a line of houses showcasing traditional Emirati craft, jewelry, medicine and cuisine.

At the Al Shindagha Museum, you also get to know about the history of whom the Arabs traded with and the various journeys they went on to far off lands. You also learn about the very interesting Emirati culture of folklore, music and poetry. The museum also tells you about what impact the region’s environment has had on its people. At the museum, you get to explore the many facets of Emirati culture through very immersive displays and stunning installations created using latest technology. You get to learn about all of this when you step into the Dubai Creek Birth of City, Culture of the Sea and Life on Land. Your children have a fun time as well at the Children’s Pavilion.

Important Information

Some Important things while going for Al Shindagha Museum

  • You shall be asked to furnish a valid photo ID or your passport at the entrance. Hence, please bring either of the two along
  • You are not allowed to enter the Al Shindagha Museum with any food or beverages brought from outside

Location of Al shindagha Museum

How To Reach al shindagha Museum

You can reach al shindagha Museum by this Address: 288 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates or via Map

Final Thoughts:

The Al Shindagha Museum has a lot of information to share with you. You might feel a bit overwhelmed. Don’t worry; you’ll have a friendly guide, an expert on the displays at the museum who’ll help you learn what the museum has to say. They put in their best efforts to see that you are able to learn the knowledge the museum shares with you.

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