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Do you want to take a Dhow cruise in Dubai, but cannot decide between A Dhow Cruise Dubai and Dhow Creek? Well, the good news is that I can help you decide by sharing information on the two.  The good thing is that you can book these cruises online and if you are lucky then you can also avail attractive discounts. Are you keen to know more about the differences? Great let us get started.

What Can You Expect From A Dhow Cruise

These cruises are conducted on beautiful boats made of wood in the early days these ships were used to transport cargo. Now, these ships have been given a major transformation and have been equipped with the latest technology to give people the best experience. A cruise on the ships is an absolute must for all people. These cruises have a wide range of entertaining activities such as Belly dancing, Tanoura dance, and BBQ dinner.

The Setting And The Ambience

There is no denying that both cruises offer the best environment and you are bound to feel like royalty. However, you must keep in mind that the Dhow Creek from the Creek is a lot crowded. The Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina is not crowded and it offers a lot of entertainment and a soothing environment. However, you may find both the cruises crowded during the new year and festive season. Therefore it is always advisable to reserve your tickets in advance to last hour rush.

Pocket Pinch

Cost does play an important part when it comes to selecting a Dhow cruise, The Dhow Cruise Marina is more expensive, but it also offers great services so if you are willing to spend extra you will get good value for your money without any doubt. The Dhow Creek cruise is not that expensive and their services are nothing to write home about. But both cruises are worth trying. Whether you are a couple or recently married, it’s a perfect way to go for a date with a candlelight dinner.

Wonderful Experience

Both cruises offer a fabulous sailing experience, as you get to sail past the iconic locations of Dubai. However, the scenery is quite limited when it comes to the dhow cruise at Dubai Creek, The Dubai Marina offers you a grander view of the coast and iconic buildings restaurants, and cafes. If you take a dinner cruise you will get to see all the buildings lit up with bright lights, the scenery is mesmerizing to the fullest.

Which to Opt for: Dubai Creek or Dubai Marina?

If you’re an Indian traveller embarking on your first Dubai adventure, the choice between Dubai Creek and Dubai Marina might leave you in a quandary. Your decision hinges on your personal preferences, inclinations, and, of course, your budget considerations. To aid you in making this choice, we’ve compiled a list of distinctions between the dhow cruises offered in these two captivating locales.

Dubai Marina versus Dubai Creek

Dhow cruises hold prominence in both Dubai Marina and Dubai Creek, two iconic zones within this captivating city. Dubai Creek embodies the essence of old Dubai—a place where Arab settlers established their roots upon migrating from desert villages. This historic waterway gracefully divides the city into two distinct realms: Bur Dubai (the old city) and Deira (the new city). Conversely, Dubai Marina represents the modern reincarnation of the new Dubai. It stands as an artificial canal city, adorned with towering skyscrapers and splendid specimens of contemporary architecture on both sides. It boasts a collection of opulent hotels, charming cafés, fine dining establishments, and delightful boutiques.

Cost Considerations

When contemplating a dhow cruise in Dubai Marina versus a dhow cruise in Dubai Creek, cost emerges as a pivotal factor. The price tag for a dhow cruise in Dubai Marina significantly surpasses that of Dubai Creek. You can indulge in a delectable Dubai Creek dhow cruise dinner for approximately AED 65, whereas the cost of a similar dining experience in Dubai Marina nearly doubles the expense. However, seasoned travellers who have partaken in both cruises assert that although Dubai Marina commands a higher fee, it delivers a superior experience across the board. From the culinary offerings to the standard of customer service, Dubai Marina outshines its counterpart on Dubai Creek.

Find Word

Both options promise priceless memories against the background of Dubai’s glittering skyline, whether you select the Dhow Cruise for a lavish and modern experience or the Creek Cruise for a journey through Dubai’s historical roots.

Well, if the truth needs to be spelt out then both cruises have their pluses and negatives, so you have to run a comparison based on the services offered for the kind of money you are willing to spend.  The cruises are tremendous fun and you are certainly going to have fun. Both cruises have different packages so read the details before booking your tickets.

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