Dubai Dhow Cruise

Everyone likes to take a cruise on the sea once in their lifetime. Why should you miss out? Are you a bit confused about the differences between a Yacht and Dhow Cruise? Have no fear, I will point out some key differences between the two so that you can understand things properly and then choose the right option for yourself.

Access To A Wide Range Of Water Sports And Activities

When it comes to a Dhow cruise you will not have access to many activities, in fact, you will not have access to any water sports. Whereas, on Yacht cruises you will have access to many water sports such as water slides, scuba diving, snorkelling, and jet skis. In other words, you can enjoy a lot of flexibility with a yacht tour.

Options For Food

A Dhow Cruise Dubai marina is glamorous no doubt, but when it comes to food, they have a set menu so either you are going to love it or dislike it. On a yacht cruise, you get to choose the food you want to eat and the chef will prepare it accordingly, this spares you the disappointment of getting served you do not like. However, this service is not available on a small yacht, but a luxury yacht.


When you take a yacht rental in Dubai, they will give you a 5-star ambience. You will have access to an exclusive crew who will help you out no matter what. Additionally, you will have full access to the deck, play your own favourite music, and stop at a particular location to enjoy the sightseeing view and much more. Whereas, when it comes to Dhow Cruise, you will not get this exclusive treatment from the crew. Everything will be on a shared basis.

Itinerary and Customized Options

On a Dhow Cruise, all the options and your itinerary are finalized from before. And since on average there will be about 75 to 100 guests on a Dhow cruise, therefore all the itinerary and food items are pre-defined. When it comes to a yacht cruise you can fix your own schedule, you can also decide if you want to visit places on the shore. When hiring a yacht 70 or 90 ft yacht, then you will get more freedom from bbq dinner to exclusive luxury services that will be offered by the crew member.


Both cruises offer the best in terms of comfort, but on a Dhow cruise you will have to share the space with a huge crowd as most of the time these cruises are fully booked and it may get stuffy. The good thing about yacht cruises is that you get to decide the number of people you want to invite so you do not have to face the problem of being in an overcrowded environment. Also, you get more privacy on a yacht cruise than on a Dhow cruise.

More Options

A Dhow cruise is held on a traditional wooden boat, but when it comes to a yacht cruise, you get to pick the size of the boat and yes you will have many options to choose from.

So, these were the major differences between a Yacht and a Dhow Cruise. Now, you are armed with the right knowledge so you can go and pick the right option for yourself.

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