Dubai City - Visit DUbai in September

Planning a trip to Dubai during September? Unsure about some finer details ? No sweat, let us help you with the details to make things easier for you. Dubai is a fabulous city and it goes to say without a doubt that you are going to love what this city has to offer. From shopping and sightseeing to adventurous activities, you can participate in them all. Do you want to know more? Well, keep reading as we will share fabulous details on the place.

Dubai September Visit- Is It A Good Idea?

Well, if you want to avoid crowds and encountering too many visitors, then sure, now is a fantastic time to go. Expect steep savings on hotels and airlines because it is a slow time for travel.

You will find Dubai hot during September as the temperatures reach a maximum of 38 degrees. You must not participate in outdoor tours in the daytime, make sure you stay well-hydrated at all times.

Places In Dubai That You Could Visit During September

Let’s be honest, Dubai is hot during September, but don’t let the heat spoil your fun. We have prepared a list of places that you should visit. Here take a read.

  • Kite Beach

Want to visit a beautiful beach to relax? Then visit this beach, you are going to love the white sands and crystal-clear water. This beach is perfect for organizing picnics, you can even try your hand at parasailing and kitesurfing, these activities are a lot of fun.

  • Burj Arab

Dubai has a reputation of having beautiful skyscrapers and the Burj Arab is one such building. This fantastic building is located on an artificial island and is the city’s pride and joy. This is a luxurious hotel that gives you the best services your money can buy.

  • Jumeirah Mosque

The Jumeirah Mosque is a wonder and really beautiful; you must visit it. The mosque has huge minarets and a traditional design. If you’re seeking a peaceful environment, come here; you won’t be disappointed in the slightest.

Things To Do In Dubai During September

Here is a list of activities that you can indulge in when you are in Dubai.

  • Evening Safari Of The Desert

You may have read or heard fantastic stories about desert safaris. Why not take in the desert’s splendour in the evening? You may arrange a trip that will pick you up in the desert and then take you there so you can participate in a variety of activities.  You may consider the Dubai luxury desert safari tour that goes above and beyond, offering extraordinary additional features like private setup, 5-star bbq dinner and many more. You must make cautious reservations since certain activities are part of the package, while others are add-ons. The evening desert safari of Dubai is a perfect activity to do during September month.

  • Shopping At Dubai Mall

Shopping in Dubai can be a bit expensive, but if you have cash to spare then make your way to Dubai Mall. This mall is huge and has several levels, you will find shops from every brand in this mall. Dubai Mall also has an underwater aquarium that you must visit, it has so many different animals. Do treat yourself to a nice meal at some restaurant within the mall, Dubai mall has so many restaurants that you will be spoilt for choice.

What About The Dress Code In Dubai?

You must not wear any clothes that are very short or revealing, this may offend the local people. Stick to wearing comfortable clothes made of cotton. For the desert safari, you must wear comfortable shoes too.

Code Of Conduct

Dubai is a tourist-friendly city, but it has its set of strict rules too and you must follow them without fail. Drinking in public places is not permitted and you can be fined heavily if you’re caught. Not paying your bills will land you in jail and do not use obscene language in public places.


The convenience of having a variety of transportation options makes city travel beautiful. Everywhere throughout the city, public transportation is available. You can get a travel card that will enable you to use public transportation. You will enjoy an unforgettable experience in this tourist-friendly city.

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