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You may have heard wonderful stories about Abu Dhabi and Dubai, but the east coast of Fujairah is no less beautiful. This may not have the glamour of the other emirates but that does not mean that it should be given a miss.

Fujairah is just perfect if you want to know more about the rich history of the UAE. The city is best explored if you drive around in it in a private car or a rented vehicle. You also have the option of hiring the services of a tour operator. For now, lets us learn a bit about this emirate.

Places To Visit in Fujairah

Here are some popular places to visit on the East coast of Fujairah, have a read.

  • Al Babiyah Mosque

This 14th-century mosque is a must-visit, the architecture is fabulous, and it is almost love at first sight. The most beautiful part of the mosque is that it is adorned with beautiful art and has verses from the Quran on it. If you love taking pictures, then this is the spot to play around with your camera and capture all those lights and shades. This place can give you a healing experience that may have been craving for.

  • Fujairah Museum

This is not just an average museum, this is a haven for learning about the rich history of UAE. You are going to find a host of interesting exhibits that go back more than a thousand years. All the artefacts represent the Bedouin culture really well

  • Al Hayl Castle

Love visiting grand castles? Well, this castle is going to grab your attention with its stupendous architecture. The castle goes back to the year 1930 and it served as a home for the royal family. The castle gives you a very nice view of the entire area.

  • Heritage Village

When going for the Fujairah East Coast tour then do visit Heritage Village if you love visiting places that are unconventional. This village has traditional houses that will remind you of the olden days. You will also find a beautiful mosque in the complex.

  • Fujairah Fort

This humungous fort was made during the 16th century, the fort is still well-maintained. This fort offered the city security and served as a checkpoint. The fort underwent substantial repair work and was then again opened for public visits in the year 2000. The fort has many rooms and large corridors. The four towers served as watchpoints for the security guards in the olden days.

What Are The Activities You Can Enjoy in Fujairah

Looking for fun things to do other than the usual sightseeing? No worries, we have prepared a list for you.

  • Hiking At Hajar Mountains

This mountain range is absolutely mesmerizing, if you love hiking you are going to enjoy this activity in such a scenic location. The mountain stretches for almost 700 kilometres. The varied landscape will captivate you, do take some time to take pictures at this fabulous location.

  • Go Snorkelling

If you want to try snorkelling then visit Reef Oasis and Snoopy Island in Fujairah are the ideal places where you can indulge in this fun. To have a little extra fun you should get hold of a lovely sea scooter as with this equipment you can dive easier.

  • Visit Friday Market

Love shopping till you drop? Well, you can visit the Friday Market, at this market you can buy traditional Arabian garments along with many other items.  You can also bargain with the shopkeepers, you can end up buying items for reasonable prices.

Weather Conditions And Best Time To Visit in Fujairah

If the truth be told then the ideal time to visit this emirate would be the winter. It is during the winter that the temperatures are tolerable and you can indulge in outdoor activities. You should plan a visit between October and March.

There is no doubt that a visit to Fujairah will be a lot different than visiting the other parts of the UAE, but you are certainly going to love the vibe of the city. The locals are very friendly and there is little or no crime so you will feel very safe here. All you need to do is fix a date and travel to this place.

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