Dubai Atlantis

Dubai offers stellar warmth and welcome to its visitors. This world-famous city is a Utopia of opulence, adventure, fun, and thrill. Furthermore, the right balance between tradition and modernity made the city famous. That’s not all, it is one such destination that caters to every age.

The captivating transformation of Dubai, from a barren sandy fishing island to a thriving metropolis, is a fascinating chapter in its history. However, after the oil discovery, the economic situation got better. Dubai is a centre for business, travel, and entertainment today.

The main attraction of Dubai is various state-of-the-art structures- man-made or natural wonders. With so many marvels around, you might feel overwhelmed. Therefore, here is a small guide for your help.

Legoland Dubai

A famous kid-friendly place, Legoland Dubai Theme Park is a kid’s dream come true. You can say that Legoland Dubai is a magnified form of the small Legos we all played with in our childhood. Hence, you can relive your childhood memories here.

Try astounding Lego-themed rides and let your kids have the time of their lives. Furthermore, there are enthusiastic live shows, games, and building experiences. Therefore, take your little ones to Legoland if you want them to have a perfect fun-filled day.

Ski Dubai

Another finest destination for everyone is Ski Dubai. It is an ideal place to get away from the Dubai heat. Located at the Mall of Emirates, this ingenious creation is truly appreciable. After all, who would have imagined playing in the snow in the middle of a desert city?

Moreover, you can play with the adorable penguins apart from trying the snow activities. Visitors can enjoy skiing, tobogganing, snowboarding, etc. Furthermore, it is a family-friendly place where everyone is welcome.

Burj Khalifa

Don’t expect to complete your Dubai trip without spending a few hours inside the iconic Burj Khalifa. This fantastic artificial wonder is the tallest structure in the world, with a surprising height of 828 meters. Furthermore, it features approximately 160 floors and the swiftest double-decker glass elevator.

The 124th and 125th floor of Burj Khalifa gives the pleasure of enjoying a panoramic city view. However, you must book ‘At the Top’ tickets, which will legit give that flying high experience. We bet you will have endless wow-worthy moments inside Burj Khalifa.

Dubai Fountain

Dubai is the city of imagination turned into reality. It is blessed with almost every fantastic thing you ever dreamt of witnessing. Dubai Fountain is one such unbelievable icon that will spellbind you. It is the world’s tallest fountain, and the light and sound show at night is a wonderful view to admire.

The size of the fountain is equal to two massive football fields. The fun begins when the light and sound show begin. Watch how the fountain dances to the rhythm of Arabic songs. However, you can go for the Dubai Fountain Lake Ride to enjoy a better show view.

How to travel to Dubai from Vadodara?

When you are looking for a Dubai tour package from Vadodara, the very first thing that needs to be done is to book your flight ticket from Dubai to Vadodara. And as well all know that the only way to travel to Dubai from Vadodara is by flight. You will get frequent flights from Vadodara. However, you can also travel to Ahmedabad and catch a flight to Dubai. It takes approximately seven hours to reach Dubai from Vadodara.

Things to keep in mind when travelling to Dubai from Vadodara

  • Dubai features uncomfortable desert weather. Therefore, the best time to visit is in the winter (November to March). However, the city remains crowded, as it is the peak season.
  • Always book hotel tickets and flights in advance to avoid paying high rates. Alternatively, you can rely on a trustworthy travel agency to plan your tour.
  • Don’t forget about ‘Moderation and modesty’ if you are planning a Dubai trip. Avoid packing tight-fitted clothes. Carry your sun protection and sunglasses.
  • Change your Indian currency for Dirhams at any bank or Foreign Exchange.

Final words

A Dubai trip will always remain an unerasable memory in your heart only if you plan the tour well. This guide will help in making a successful Dubai trip from Vadodara.

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