Desert Safari

Desert safari is one of the most popular things to do in Dubai, especially when you are on a holiday. It gives you an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the desert in your own vehicle with family or friends. There are many desert safari trips organized by tour operators but they are not all worth it. Here we have listed some of the best places where you can go for your next desert safari trip:

Morning Desert Safari in Dubai

Morning desert safari is the best time to see the sunrise. You will get to witness the golden rays of Sunlight dancing with sand dunes and rocks, providing you a beautiful view of nature. The rising sun will make your heart beat faster as its magical colors are set every morning in Dubai at 7:00 AM in winter season and 6:30 AM in the summer season.

If you are looking forward to visiting UAE on holidays, then it’s better to opt for the morning desert safari because this activity is available only during this time period. So, if you want to explore more places while on vacation then choose this activity as your first choice because it will give you an opportunity to enjoy various attractions like camel riding and many others along with enjoying sunrise or sunset with family or friends without any stress!

Evening Desert Safari

If you’re looking for an experience that’s a little bit more relaxed and laid-back than the morning safari, then the evening is the way to go. You’ll find that the dunes look slightly different at night and it can be quite magical as they are illuminated with different colored lights. There are also fewer people around so it’s easier to enjoy your surroundings without having to worry about other types of tourists getting in your photo shot or standing right in front of you all the time.

This trip usually lasts about 2 hours and costs around 140 AED per person (or about $35 USD).

Overnight Desert Safari

An overnight desert safari is the best way to experience the desert at night. You will be taken on an adventure activity that allows you to experience the vastness of the dunes, have a glimpse of the stars, and see how beautiful it looks under the moonlight.

Overnight Desert Safari takes place in a 4×4 vehicle with proper safety measures in place and experienced guides who will entertain you throughout your trip. You can also spend some time around the campfire with your friends while enjoying a delicious BBQ dinner prepared by our chefs.

Afternoon Desert Safari

You will have the option to choose from a variety of dune-bashing excursions. A typical afternoon desert safari trip in Dubai will take about 4 hours, which includes the time to change and shower before heading back home.

The most convenient way is by taking a taxi or car rental service straight to the venue where your tour starts. The other option is by taking the metro or bus transport that brings you closer to your destination within Dubai city limits, then another 15-minute drive by taxi/car rental service will bring you there.

Liwa Desert Safari

Liwa Desert Safari is a great way to explore the desert and enjoy a unique experience. The safari will take you through sand dunes, which are one of the most remarkable features of this region.

Your trip starts with a pickup from your hotel and a transfer to Liwa Oasis. During this drive, you will be able to see some amazing views of sand dunes, camels, date palms, and other sights. Then you will reach Liwa Oasis where you will get an opportunity to stop at some places for taking photographs or just simply enjoying the sun and wind in your skin while being around nature on top of sand dunes.

Morning Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi

Morning Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi is one of the most popular desert safari trips. It is a very popular place to go on a morning desert safari. The best time to go on this trip would be at sunrise because it is when you can see all sorts of beautiful scenery, such as camels, sand dunes, and other animals roaming around.

If you want to experience the beauty of this country then I would definitely recommend going on one of these trips.


We hope that you are now more knowledgeable about the different desert safari trips available in UAE. If you want to experience this trip then we suggest you book your tickets soon because these trips are becoming popular day by day and there may be some delays in getting a ticket.

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