Places to Visit in Maldives

Ah, who wouldn’t long for the warmth of the sun and the gentle embrace of the cerulean waves, especially in the midst of these challenging times? As a traveler, I find myself yearning for a getaway, just like you. It feels like every time I refresh my Facebook feed, five more friends tie the knot, and three others whisk themselves off to the Maldives for a pandemic escape. And who can blame them? The Maldives is the epitome of convenience, tranquility, and sheer natural beauty from every conceivable angle. Whether you’re seeking a honeymoon haven or a relaxing break from the lockdown blues, a week in the Maldives beckons to every wanderlust-stricken soul.

Maldives, known for its luxurious water villas, 1,192 coral islands, and exceptional diving opportunities, requires considering travel costs, transportation options, and the optimal time to visit this Indian Ocean paradise. Located south of Sri Lanka, the Maldives boasts stunning overwater bungalows with glass floors, allow guests to observe marine life beneath them. The Capital city, Male, serves as a commercial and financial hub with excellent connectivity via its international airport and offers historical attractions. For an unforgettable Maldives adventure, it’s essential to plan and budget wisely, choose the right mode of transportation, and time your visit for the most enjoyable experience.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss Visiting the Maldives

1. Unlock Your Hidden Travel Treasure

Let’s be honest, the past year has seen us hoarding more than enough savings while being cooped up at home. Our travel fund is practically bursting at the seams. So, why not kick off 2023 with a bang and make a resolution to travel with style and safety? Treat yourself to a second pair of swimsuits and gift yourself those plane tickets as a Christmas present. After all, you’ve been pretty darn good this year.

2. A Visa-Free Escape

Here’s one of the perks of planning a Maldives trip – visa on arrival for all nationalities. That’s right; as a traveler, you can skip the tedious process of obtaining a visa in advance. Just meet the basic entry requirements, and you’re set to clear immigration upon your arrival. This is one of the main reasons why travelers are seizing the opportunity to jet off to the Maldives whenever they can. And, with the flexibility of working remotely, why not swap your home office for a beachfront one in the Maldives for a week?

3. Maldives is the Hottest Destination Right Now

From September onwards, the Maldives has become the playground for Bollywood stars like Katrina Kaif, Tiger Shroff, Varun Dhawan, and Tapsee Pannu, who have been gracing the luxurious resorts and setting Instagram ablaze with envy-inducing poses on golden beaches. Even celebrities like Mouni Roy and Disha Patani couldn’t resist the siren call of this tropical paradise. Describing the Maldives as merely a “hot” destination is an understatement; it’s the epitome of sultry elegance!

4. Perfect Weather in Paradise

Besides its luxurious beaches, pristine white sands, and the stunning blue Indian Ocean, the period from December to April is the perfect time to visit the Maldives. During this time, the average temperature hovers between 29°C to 31°C, making it an ideal beach destination. You’ll experience minimal rainfall and low humidity between January and April, ensuring you won’t be sizzling in the sun but instead basking in its golden glory.

5. No Crowds, No Hassles

By now, you’ve probably heard about the genius concept of “one island, one resort” in the Maldives. Travelers are confined to their chosen resort, and this is a blessing in disguise for several reasons. Firstly, you won’t need to travel for an hour to reach the beach, indulge in water sports, or enjoy a fancy dinner. Everything you desire is right there within your resort. Secondly, your ocean or beachfront villa ensures that you’re blissfully removed from any awkward airport encounters. If you select a resort-like Kandima, located on the largest island in Dhaalu Atoll, you might find that there simply isn’t enough time to experience all the fun activities they offer. From a plethora of water sports to delightful meals, and beachfront spa experiences to serene painting sessions, Kandima has something to excite travelers of every age.

6. Luxury That Doesn’t Break the Bank

Maldives resorts are like something out of a dream. Based on my personal experience, Heritance Aarah and Kandima Maldives steal the spotlight. While most resorts offer similar amenities, each has its unique style, from eclectic to serene and aesthetic. Kandima Maldives, for example, is just a 30-minute seaplane ride from Male, followed by a 20-minute boat journey to the island. This picture-perfect resort boasts ocean villas with breathtaking tropical views that are worth every penny, at a cost of approximately 2.78 lakh for a 3-night stay for two, inclusive of meals, activities, and seaplane transfers. As for Heritance Aarah, this overindulgent 5-star resort in Raa Atoll offers an all-inclusive fare for two for 5 nights at around 3.40 lakhs.

7. Unbelievable Beauty

Maldives is a place that everyone dreams of experiencing at least once in their lifetime. Once you set foot on this paradise, you’ll forever be captivated by its ethereal beauty. The Maldives has the Indian Ocean in all its glory, from lagoon-front villas to white sand beaches and those magical pink sunsets turning into a golden sky. This breathtaking archipelago is rightfully called a “tropical paradise.” With over 99% of the Maldives submerged in the sea, it’s a sanctuary for vibrant fish, corals, and an array of marine life. And the view from above? It’s nothing short of breathtaking!

8. Perfect for Nature Enthusiasts

If you’re a beach aficionado and a true lover of unspoiled nature, the Maldives is your haven. With crystal-clear waters caressing pristine white sand beaches, this destination serenades you with a charm unique to the island nation. The panoramic vistas, enhanced by magical sunsets, will set your heart aflutter from the moment you step foot in the Maldives. It boasts some of the world’s best beaches, and it’s nearly impossible not to fall head over heels for them. This alone makes it a compelling destination for any traveler.

The clear blue skies, lush vegetation, and idyllic beach vibe draw you closer to nature, stirring emotions that touch your soul. The Maldives offers sunshine in a world that often feels seasonal. Enhancing this surreal experience is the abundant marine life and the alluring emerald lagoons that create a perfect haven for couples, families, and groups of friends seeking solace. By day, you can sink your toes into the soft sand, serenaded by the salty breeze, gaze at the endless blues and brilliant greens enveloping you, and, as the sun begins its descent, witness the ocean embrace the horizon in a mesmerizing display of colors. As the night falls, you can stargaze with the sound of lapping waves as your lullaby. This is the ultimate definition of paradise!

9 Experience Unparalleled Luxury

The moment your plane lands on this island paradise, you’ll be enveloped in luxury at every turn. What sets the Maldives apart from the rest of the world is its heartwarming hospitality. With a plethora of luxury resorts on the island, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Lavish beachfront villas, exquisitely designed overwater villas, personal butlers, in-room spas, private infinity pools, an extensive pillow menu, Michelin-star quality cuisine, and handpicked experiences by professional teams – this is just a glimpse of what you can expect on this island. The Maldives is a feast for all your senses!

10 The Extensive Marine Life

The Maldives, with its crystal-clear waters and dreamy atolls, is synonymous with pristine natural beauty. Yet, its vast marine life deserves recognition and applause. It’s a treasure trove for travelers with a special affinity for all things aquatic. Here, you can kayak alongside sea turtles, sail alongside dolphins, scuba dive, snorkel among reef fish and ancient corals, and explore the boundless depths of the sea with its enchanting magic. The Maldives is also home to stunning diving sites that offer once-in-a-lifetime experiences. From manta rays, sharks, and turtles to dolphins and schools of colorful fish, you’ll encounter a mesmerizing array of marine life in these deep blue waters. This world-class diving destination promises experiences that will stay with you forever.

11 The Ultimate Romantic Getaway

Picture yourself waking up on a remote island with your loved one, watching captivating marine life, sipping cocktails, and strolling hand in hand along white sandy beaches. It’s the stuff of ultimate romantic getaways, isn’t it? The Maldives is the perfect setting to rekindle or begin your love story, which is why it’s one of the most sought-after honeymoon destinations. The island offers over a thousand features that create an unadulterated romantic ambiance. It provides opportunities and romantic setups that you’d be hard-pressed to find in your everyday urban life. Imagine dining under a sky filled with stars, evenings that leave you speechless with iconic sunsets, dolphin cruises, movies under the stars, and dining in a rainforest or on a private beach with the finest chefs catering to your culinary desires. Date nights in underwater restaurants and stays in underwater rooms are just a few of the dreamy and intimate experiences the island offers. With overwater villas, romantic settings, and a wide range of activities, the Maldives promises a dreamy and intimate atmosphere. You can spend twenty days with your partner here and still find new things to do and different dining setups every day. If you’re looking to make lasting memories, hire a photographer to capture those perfect images against the most beautiful backdrops.

12 A Breather from Your Busy Life

The moment you land in the Maldives, you’ll instantly sense the tranquility and serenity in the air. You’ll disconnect from your daily routine and reconnect with nature. From the get-go, you’ll feel drawn into this serene existence that heightens your inner calm. The islands encourage you to embrace a simpler life, further connecting you with your surroundings and nature. It’s an empowering and fulfilling experience. This meditative vibe is enhanced by the spa facilities in all the hotels, where services allow you to enjoy the visual pleasure of turquoise waters and more. There’s no other destination that can gently pull you away from your routine and send you back home with a renewed sense of self and the world.

13 A Great Spot for Family Bonding

Although the Maldives is often marketed as a coveted couples’ destination, it’s also an excellent getaway for families. The natural wonders, steeped in impeccable beauty, create a serene and positive environment that’s perfect for families to spend quality time together and bond in a stunning location. Most Maldives resorts offer a range of activities, water sports, games, and dining experiences that families can indulge in together. Moreover, the destination is filled with features suitable for anyone and everyone. Most resorts have kids’ clubs and kids’ entertainment zones, making it much easier for parents to relax. I would gladly return to the Maldives with my parents.

14 Seaplane Rides

Maldives offers an enchanting mode of transport that enhances the overall experience – seaplane rides. If you’re traveling to the Maldives, you must experience a seaplane ride. These planes can accommodate up to eight people, including luggage. They may be small, but the thrill of taking off and landing on water is indescribable. Most resorts require you to choose this mode of transport, and it’s my personal favorite.

15 The Resort Experience

As mentioned before, what makes the Maldives an ideal destination for everyone is the diversity of accommodations, all steeped in luxurious hospitality. Your experience at each Maldives resort will be entirely different and refreshingly unique. From private butlers and designer villas to spotting sharks from your room, you can experience life at its finest here. Moreover, there is a resort to suit every preference, budget, and type of holiday you desire. However, overwater villas have the power to transport you to a dreamlike world with their cruise-like ambience and refined experience. Nevertheless, every space you choose will undoubtedly be magnificent. You can select from a range of sea-facing or underwater villas that exude luxury and Maldivian charm. Since you spend all your time on one island, it’s the resort experience that matters in the end.

Don’t Miss:

While I haven’t had the opportunity yet, if you can, make sure to visit Vadhoo Island in Raa Atoll to witness the breathtaking bioluminescence. This natural phenomenon occurs when plankton creates a sea of stars that wash up on the beach. It’s entirely unpredictable, but they say it tends to happen between July and February, with new moon nights being the ideal time, as the moonlight can dim the glow.


Situated to the southwest of Sri Lanka, the Maldives is an island nation comprising more than 1,100 coral islands that form 26 major atolls. With four international and six domestic airports, Malé International Airport serves as the primary gateway.

Reaching the Maldives:

By Air:

Travelers from across the globe can access Malé by taking international flights to Malé International Airport. Numerous airlines provide options for both direct and connecting flights to this destination.

Getting Around: An Adventure Awaits

Upon arriving in the Maldives, your journey to the final destination is an adventure in itself. The method of travel largely depends on where your accommodation is located. Here are the transfer options to explore:

  • Boat Transfers: Some accommodations are exclusively accessible by boat, adding a charming touch to your journey.
  • Seaplane Transfers: Certain resorts offer seaplane rides, taking you on a scenic aerial journey with picturesque views before landing on the water.
  • Airline and Boat Combination: Other accommodations may require a combination of a domestic flight and a boat ride, enriching your overall experience.

To ensure a smooth and enjoyable visit, it’s essential to confirm your transfer details in advance and consider waiting times as part of your travel arrangements. These steps will make your trip to the Maldives seamless and delightful.

Important Travel Notes for Your Maldives Adventure:

Changing Resorts? Consider Malé as Your Base:

If you plan to switch resorts during your Maldives trip, keep in mind that you must use Malé as your base. Direct transfers from one property to another are not available. Your journey will involve returning to Malé Airport and then adapting your mode of transport based on the location of your next resort.

Safety and Isolation in the Maldives:

Maldives offers a relatively safer travel option, particularly in light of COVID-19. Each hotel is situated on a single island, making isolation easy. The spacious properties allow for a sense of security and seclusion.

Alcohol Import Restrictions:

It’s important to note that the Maldives follow Islamic laws, which means bringing alcohol into the country is strictly illegal. Even if you’ve purchased it at the duty-free shop in your departing country, customs will confiscate or bond these items upon arrival. You can, however, legally enjoy alcoholic beverages within the confines of your resort.

Seaplane Luggage Limits:

When traveling by seaplane, be mindful of luggage restrictions. You’re allowed 25 kg for checked baggage and 5 kg for hand luggage. These limits are enforced, so avoid overpacking to ensure a hassle-free journey.

Currency Tips for the Maldives:

In the Maldives, the official currency is the Rufiyaa. To stay updated on conversion rates, you can check out However, it’s worth noting that most hotels and airports in the Maldives widely accept US dollars, making it convenient for travelers.

Where to Stay in the Maldives:

One of the most delightful aspects of the Maldives is the array of resorts that cater to diverse budgets and moods. Whether you’re seeking the epitome of luxury or a more budget-friendly option, the Maldives has it all. From chic beachfront villas to romantic overwater bungalows, your dream stay awaits. During my recent trip, I had the privilege of exploring three distinct resorts, which i have  mentioned below:

  • The Westin Maldives Miriandhoo Resort
  • Emerald Maldives Resort & Spa
  • Grand Park Kodhipparu

Best Time to Explore the Maldives:

The Maldives, situated close to the equator, enjoys warm weather throughout the year. However, like many Indian Ocean destinations, it experiences a bit of monsoon around June, July, and August. Since this isn’t the peak season, you might find excellent deals during this time. But if you’re seeking the perfect combination of sunshine and outdoor activities, we highly recommend visiting during the dry season, which spans from October to April.

Activities and Cuisine

Lastly, what makes every vacation truly complete and fulfilling is the food and local delights. You absolutely cannot leave the Maldives without savoring delicious Maldivian crabs, fresh seafood, and international cuisine served by every hotel. The local culinary experience is a must and adds to the charm of your vacation. As you relish these delicacies, you also have the chance to shed any extra calories by participating in the numerous activities offered by the resorts. You can run around the island, go cycling (most villas have bicycles available), scuba dive, snorkel, kayak, engage in indoor games, play tennis, and use gyms. If these activities don’t interest you, you can simply relax and master the art of doing nothing.

The Maldives is an eco-friendly haven that not only captures the essence of nature but also pampers travelers with its unique blend of luxury and safety. It’s a destination where every traveler’s dreams come to life, creating unforgettable memories that will be cherished for a lifetime. So, why wait? Make 2023 the year you set sail to this tropical paradise, where you can unwind, rejuvenate, and reconnect with the world in unparalleled style and serenity.

Privacy, Seclusion, and Safety

In this new normal world where things have changed, the Maldives is open to tourists while adhering to safety and social distancing measures. Besides offering proximity to nature and luxury, the destination guarantees safety. With over 110 islands, each of which is a hotel, the risk of overcrowding is virtually eliminated. It’s a “one island, one resort” destination. As for privacy, the location is steeped in an atmosphere of solitude, relaxation, and complete contentment. This means that every individual is lost in the beauty of the Maldives and is treated to their own privacy and space. These luxury resorts can be your private oasis during your stay, where you can bask in the sun on a hammock or plunge into the deep blue waters from your overwater villa.

Unmissable Experiences in the Maldives:

  • Beautiful Beaches: The Maldives boasts some of the world’s most pristine and powdery white sand beaches. Enjoy leisurely walks and soak up the sun on these idyllic shores.
  • Underwater Adventures: Explore the mesmerizing coral reefs and marine life through activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, and underwater photography. The Maldives is renowned for its vibrant underwater world.
  • Water Sports: Engage in a variety of water sports, including windsurfing, kiteboarding, parasailing, and jet-skiing. The crystal-clear waters offer the perfect playground for enthusiasts.
  • Overwater Bungalows: Experience luxury and relaxation in an overwater bungalow. Wake up to panoramic ocean views, and dive into the warm waters directly from your private deck.
  • Island Hopping: Discover the diverse islands of the Maldives by hopping from one to another. Each island offers its own unique charm and attractions.
  • Dolphin Watching: Embark on a sunset or sunrise dolphin-watching cruise to witness these playful creatures in their natural habitat.
  • Cruise Experiences: Opt for a Maldivian dhoni cruise or a luxury yacht cruise to explore the atolls and nearby islands.
  • Maldivian Cuisine: Savor the flavors of Maldivian cuisine, which often includes fish and coconut-based dishes. Don’t miss trying local specialties like Garudhiya (fish broth) and Mas Huni (tuna and coconut salad).
  • Sunsets and Stargazing: Enjoy breathtaking sunsets over the Indian Ocean and take in the stunning night sky with stargazing sessions.
  • Relaxation and Spa: Treat yourself to a spa day at one of the island’s luxurious wellness centers. Enjoy massages and treatments with ocean views and soothing sea breezes.
  • Local Culture: Learn about the Maldivian culture and history by visiting local villages, mosques, and markets.
  • Fishing: Engage in traditional fishing activities, including night fishing and big-game fishing.
  • Eco-Tours: Take part in eco-tours and learn about the efforts to preserve the Maldives’ fragile ecosystems.
  • Seaplane Rides: Soar above the atolls on a seaplane and capture stunning aerial views of the islands.
  • Shopping: Pick up souvenirs and handicrafts such as traditional lacquerware, mats, and local jewelry.

Packing Essentials for the Maldives:

When preparing your suitcase for the Maldives, remember to keep it light and beach-ready. Here’s what you should include:

  • Ditch the Heels: Leave formal shoes or heels at home; you won’t need them. Instead, opt for a pair of comfortable flip-flops, though you’ll likely spend most of your time barefoot.
  • Swimwear Galore: Pack plenty of swimsuits and bikinis. You’ll be living by the water, so variety is key.
  • Stylish Cover-Ups: Include stylish cover-ups for the pool and beach, perfect for those moments you’re not in the water.
  • Day Dresses: Light and airy day dresses are a must for strolling around the island.
  • Flowy Evening Gowns: Bring along flowy evening gowns in vibrant colors for those special nights.
  • Fun Floral Tops and Shorts: Embrace the tropical vibe with fun floral tops and comfy shorts.
  • Accessorize: Enhance your beachy look with cane or rattan beach bags, chic hats, and trendy sunglasses. Opt for shell necklaces, fringe earrings, and gold hoops over fancy jewelry.

With these essentials, you’ll be all set to enjoy the sun, sea, and sand in style on your Maldives getaway.

Travel Essentials for the Maldives:

  • Language: The primary language spoken in the Maldives is Dhivehi. However, English is widely spoken and understood, making communication convenient for tourists.
  • Religion: Islam is the official religion of the Maldives, and the country follows Islamic traditions and practices. Visitors should be respectful of local customs and dress modestly, particularly when outside of resort areas.
  • Visa for Maldives: Travelers from various nationalities can obtain a tourist visa on arrival in the Maldives. This means there’s no need for pre-approval of the visa. To secure immigration clearance upon arrival, ensure you meet the basic entry requirements. The tourist visa typically allows for a stay of up to 30 days. For additional details, visit the Maldives Tourism website.

I hope these compelling reasons will sway you to splurge on a Maldives adventure. It’s a slice of paradise like no other, and even after visiting this island nation three times, each experience has been a unique voyage. If I could, I’d gladly board the next seaplane to Maldives. Trust me, Maldives is an unparalleled vibe!

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