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SeaWorld Abu Dhabi is Abu Dhabi’s first Marine Life Theme Park. This futuristic marine park covers eight different ocean realms. Furthermore, you will witness over hundred different presentations, especially a fun interaction with the animals. This exclusive collaboration of Miral and SeaWorld Entertainment has become the ‘Talk of the Town.’

Beyond the marine wonders, SeaWorld also offers exhilarating rides and themed zones that add to the excitement. But hold on tight, because there is so much more to discover beneath the surface. Let’s dive deep into the other captivating details that await you at SeaWorld.

SeaWorld received an overwhelming response from tourists and locals as it offers a lifetime thrill. Explore the different ocean realms- North to South and East to West. This diverse marine life is perfect for every age to explore. Other entertainment options include exhilarating rides and themed zones. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Let us dive deep into the other details.

Unlocking the Marvels of SeaWorld Abu Dhabi’s Realms

Without knowing the proper details of SeaWorld Abu Dhabi, you won’t be able to explore the in and out of this new opening in the city. Here is a detailed explanation of the different realms of the SeaWorld.

One Ocean

The first realm is the One Ocean, which is more like a meeting point for the guests. One Ocean will take you to the other spots in the park, including the Animal Care Centre. The biggest attraction of this realm is the centerpiece.

Once you got the SeaWorld  Abu Dhabi tickets then you will get a 360-degree media experience of various engaging stories. Furthermore, the Animal Centre inside One Ocean is the heartbeat of SeaWorld. Guests can enjoy a behind-the-scene look and meet the animal ambassadors.

Watch how the animal care experts do routine health checkups and look after the medical care. Don’t miss the engaging One Epic Ocean tale, where you will learn about ocean ecosystems.

Abu Dhabi Ocean

Step inside the Abu Dhabi Ocean zone to discover the marine ecosystem of the Arabian Gulf. Here, you will not only witness the wonders of the ocean but also gain insights into the cultural heritage of the ancient Emirates through the fascinating practice of Pearl Diving. Watch how the ancient locals used to hunt for pearls deep inside the ocean. Don’t forget to grab the Dubai aquarium & underwater zoo tickets where you can explore numerous types of fishes in one place.


At SeaWorld Abu Dhabi, you will learn about the significance of humans and the marine world. The fun quotient about Microocean is the stimulating rides. Therefore, ride the Turtle Twist to slide like the majestic sea turtle, or try the Eel Racer and fly like a giant eel.

Furthermore, don’t miss exploring the kelp forest (Kelp Climb) and the Explorer’s Sea Base. You can stop at the Bitsy Bites inside the park to satiate your hunger with appetizing snacks.

Rocky Point

Makers scientifically designed SeaWorld so that the animals can thrive in their natural habitat. Sophisticated technologies have been used to set up native habitats. Watch how two adorable sea lions perform extraordinary water stunts for the visitors.

The performances have various interactive segments, and the team inside the park enlightens the spectators on how and why to protect the environment using sustainable practices.


Spot the distinctive wildlife of the Arctic, including the different seasons, and learn how light cycles are necessary for them. Witness the majesty of Arctic animals as they navigate their icy habitat, showcasing their incredible adaptations and resilience.


Antarctica is the exact opposite of the Arctic. It is the home to six different types of Antarctic and Subantarctic penguins- King Penguin, Gentoo Penguin, Rockhopper Penguin, Chinstrap Penguin, Adelie Penguin, and Macaroni Penguin.

Watch how the adorable penguins thrive in the climate-controlled habitat. Furthermore, the makers installed a special zoological lighting system in the Antarctica realm so that the penguins can get favorable conditions to breed.

Tropical Ocean

The word ‘Tropical’ reminds us of the sunny voyage, warm climate, green rainforest, spellbinding marine life, and more. Tropical Ocean is an amphitheater where you can watch some mind-blowing performances by adorable dolphins. Besides, explore ‘Flamingo Park,’ where you will spot rare pink flamingoes.

The zone features a natural lighting system, which makes it easy for the animals to experience an anti-artificial habitat. Besides, the Manta Coaster in this zone is the home to thrilling rides. You must try the other mind-boggling rides too.

Endless Ocean

The SeaWorld houses the largest aquarium in the world at the Endless Ocean realm. Find over 68000 marine creatures- sharks, schooling fish, rays, and more. Learn about the various viewpoints regarding the diversity of underwater marine life.

Explore the depths of the Endless Ocean and discover seven distinct marine ecosystems, each offering a unique glimpse into the diversity and richness of underwater life. Marvel at the vibrant coral reefs, witness the mysterious deep-sea creatures and observe the delicate balance of aquatic ecosystems.

Seaworld abu dhabi
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What is the best time to visit SeaWorld Abu Dhabi?

Although the interiors of the park are air-conditioned (except the rides), you must come in the early morning to avoid the uncomfortable weather. Besides, the park is huge, and exploring each realm will take time. Hence, it is best to reach as early as possible.

  • Seaworld Address: Yas Island – Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates
  • Seaworld Opened Date: 23 May 2023
  • Seaworld timing: Opens Daily at 10 am–6 pm

Tips to keep in mind before visiting SeaWorld Abu Dhabi

  • You can visit the park anytime. However, winter is the best time to avoid the intolerable summer heat.
  • Carry your sunscreen during summer to avoid tanning.
  • Bring your swimsuit if you want to make the most of your experience in the park. However, your swimsuit should not have zippers, buttons, or pockets.
  • Trekking will lead to dehydration, especially during summer. Hence, you must keep yourself hydrated.
  • Bring hats and sunglasses to avoid direct heat.
  • Although the park is family-friendly, you must always wear suitable attire.
  • Don’t bring outside food or beverages inside the park. SeaWorld features food outlets where you can enjoy snacks and drinks, in case you feel hungry.

Final Words

The SeaWorld Abu Dhabi is a one-in-a-million opportunity to learn about marine life and the significance of its preservation. Furthermore, the experiences include close interaction with various marine animals. Moreover, your fun will get heightened with thrilling activities and rides. Therefore, grab your tickets and plan a visit to this extraordinary new opening in Abu Dhabi.

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