Get Your Dubai Visa Faster

Jaw-dropping views, Arabian essence, theme parks, and exhilarating activities made Dubai a much-preferred vacation spot. This fascinating Emirati city has everything you need for a perfect holiday. Besides, the scenic landscape and iconic skyscrapers made Dubai an appealing city to the world. However, you won’t get entry inside the country unless you have a valid visa.

Nothing is better than applying online for a UAE visa. However, there are a few criteria to consider. For example, your passport must have at least six-month validity from the date of issuance. The Emirates issues single-entry and multiple-entry visas with a validity of 30 days and 60 days. Moreover, you can get a visa extension in case of serious emergencies. Here are a few ways by which you can get your Dubai visa faster.

Make a list of the essentials.

A passport with six-month validity is mandatory. You can enjoy up to a thirty-day or sixty-day stay (from your day of arrival) in Dubai, depending on the visa you chose once it gets approval. Before you start, you must include a few things in your list.

  • Where to apply- Online visa application procedure is easy at the official website, or you can rely on a trustworthy travel agency. However, airline companies also issue visas.
  • Application process- You must fill up an online visa application form on the website and submit it with documents and a visa processing fee.
  • Documents required- When applying for a Dubai visa, you will need a few things. For example, a passport with six-month validity (digital copy), and a passport page with an exit stamp, especially if you have already travelled to Dubai. Besides, one passport-size colour photograph on a white background is also compulsory with accommodation and round-trip flight ticket details.
  • Processing time- A visa application takes approximately three to four days to process.

Keep a check on your documents.

The visa application procedure might seem simple, but you have to provide a couple of documents. Moreover, the documents should be self-attested digital copies. For example, if you are applying for a Dubai visa from Turkey or Ghana then you might have to upload additional documents (like a national ID). Therefore, you must check everything and keep the documents sorted during the application process. It helps in saving time and prevents any confusion.

Always apply for the visa in advance.

Normally, the Dubai visa processing time is three to four days and you can ask your travel agency for the cheapest day of flying to Dubai. In case, applying for a Dubai visa from Morocco then one should always apply in advance to avoid any delay. Hence, it will become easy to select the travel date. Furthermore, you will get a chance to save and an idea of the travel expenses for the airline company you chose.

Choose a reliable travel agency.

A reliable travel agency plays a vital role when it comes to issuing a Dubai visa. They have a dedicated visa team who deal with this work. Besides, they always keep updating themselves with the changing visa policies. Furthermore, they can guide you on the type of visa you choose depending on your purpose of visit.

A previous record of abroad travel.

It might sound strange, but having a previous record of international travel becomes an added advantage during a Dubai visa application. Moreover, it can work as a catalyst, and your visa will get approved soon. Proof of visiting the USA, UK, Australia, Russia, or New Zealand in the last five years will surely work.

Final words

Hopefully, you have an idea of how to apply for a Dubai visa hassle-free following these procedures. If you tick the above checklist, nothing can stop you from getting your Dubai visa and planning an unforgettable trip to the City of Superlatives.

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