Most Adventurous Sports You Can Do in Dubai

Tired of the rinse-and-repeat experience? We hear you loud and clear, which is why we have prepared a list of 5 adventurous tours in Dubai that will keep you excited and leave you craving for more. Without further delay let us learn more about these activities.

  1. Morning Desert Safari with Dune Bashing

Now, if you are not comfortable with a night safari in the desert, there is nothing to feel guilty about. You can sign up for a Morning desert safari. Typically, your tour operator will pick you up from a central location in Dubai, but if you wish to get picked up from another emirate you may have to pay extra. Once you reach the desert you will be taken for dune bashing immediately, a word of caution, if you have back problems or heart ailments, then do give this a skip. You will also have the opportunity to participate in camel riding and sandboarding.

  1. Hot Air Balloon Ride

This Hot Air Balloon is an adventurous activity for those individuals who are not afraid of heights. Are you worried about safety? Well, you will be happy to know that you will receive instructions on safety from a professional and you will also be accompanied by one on the trip.

The hot air balloon ride in Dubai begins with you getting picked up from a central location in Dubai. Once you reach the desert, the staff will greet you and serve you beverages. Once you are properly briefed on the activity, you will be escorted to the balloon and then you will begin you ascend into the great sky. When you are thousands of feet in the sky, this is the perfect moment to get a glimpse of the magical sunrise in the desert, you will also be given a participant’s certificate. Certain packages also include breakfast and a falcon show, so be sure to read the details before you sign up.

  1. Skydiving

Looking for an adventurous activity? Why not try something audacious like skydiving in Dubai? This is one activity that you are never going to forget. Once you jump off the plane you are going to be flying through the air like a superhero while getting a magnificent view of the city below. Skydiving is organized from multiple locations in Dubai and there are various packages. All you have to do is research and select the right package for yourself. The activity is quite safe so you do not have to worry yourself sick.

  1. Helicopter Tour

This is another fabulous way to get a good view of Dubai.  You get to take a ride on a helicopter and you can view Dubai like never before. You get to fly past all the iconic buildings that is famous for. Again, there are many packages from different tour operators and you need to make a careful selection. Also, note that most tour operators have strict cancellation policies so we would advise you to book these tours only when you have made up your mind.

  1. Flyboarding

This adventure tour has gained a lot of popularity in Dubai recently, if you are looking for some thrill this tour is bound to give you the best experience. Thankfully, this tour takes place from multiple venues in Dubai and you can avail of various packages too. You will also receive safety gear from the tour operator. So, get ready and gear up for some unforgettable fun on the water.

Final Word

There are plenty of adventure tours available in Dubai and also there is no doubt that Dubai offers the best tourism experience in the entire world.  There is a surprise waiting for you at every nook and corner of this uber-cool city, so why not embrace it to the fullest? Start exploring Dubai!

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