Sunrise Desert Safari

Dubai’s desert safari is one of the iconic activities to try. It is one such experience filled with thrill, fun, excitement, and more. Besides, the activity is open to everyone. Be it kids or adults, a desert safari is ideal for every age. Moreover, away from the main city, the desert gives a peaceful escape. Furthermore, it is ideal for adventure-seeking souls.

Once you enter the desert, the sheer contrast between the sand-laden land and the glittering city will leave you astonished. Desert safari doesn’t end with dune bashing or camel rides. You can indulge in other fun activities, like quad biking, sandboarding, delicious local cuisine, and more. Read to know more about various desert safaris you can try in Dubai.

Morning desert safari

A morning desert safari in Dubai is ideal for someone who doesn’t have enough time but wants to admire the beauty of the desert. Along with dune bashing, the morning desert safari comes with other activities- camel riding, sandboarding, and more. Moreover, you can try a hot air balloon ride to get a bird’s eye view of the desert.

Sunrise desert safari

The sunrise desert safari is for those who want to enjoy an enchanting transition of desert views. You have to reach before sunrise while it’s somewhat dark. As the sky clears, the mesmerizing shift from night to day will leave you amazed. The dawn break looks staggering while the cool breeze caresses your face. Moreover, during the sunrise desert safari Dubai tour, the exotic view of the sun coming up and the sky changing its colour to a burst of orange and red look amazing. Hence, you can click extraordinary pictures of this sublime beauty while admiring the tranquil desert wilderness. Furthermore, you can indulge in other activities to heighten the pleasure before heading to the city.

Afternoon desert safari

Another adventurous experience you can enjoy is the afternoon desert safari. This comprehensive activity will let you embrace the desert wilderness. The perfect fusion of adventure, entertainment, and food makes the activity more thrilling.  Besides, you get the opportunity to enjoy a spectacular desert sunset. Hence, anyone looking to spend some peaceful time away from the city’s bustling noise can opt for the afternoon desert safari.

Watch how the day ushers into a pitch-black night. Besides, the main highlight of the activity is dune bashing. Additionally, you can enjoy camel rides, and click pictures wearing traditional Arabian dresses. Furthermore, you will love the mouth-watering BBQ dinner by the end of the activity.

Overnight desert safari

Imagine sitting under the sky full of stars amidst the vast Dubai desert. The overnight desert safari is one of the most lively experiences you can have. With loads of entertainment, camping, dining, and activities, it will give you unforgettable memories of Dubai. Unlike other options, here you will be staying overnight in the desert. The activity begins with an exhilarating dune-bashing session.

However, there are other activities to enjoy, like camel riding, Shisha smoking, belly dancing, Tanoura dance performance, and more. The biggest thrill is spending the night amidst the desert wilderness and waking up to a delicious gourmet breakfast before going back to the city.

Private Desert Safari

A private desert safari is one of the most luxurious desert safaris you will ever try. Immerse yourself in the beguiling beauty of the captivating desert scenery in the most lavish way. Compared to other options, it is more intimate. Besides, it is a private tour, which means only your close ones can be a part of it. Furthermore, the classic Arabian-style welcome with Bedouin experience will instantly put a smile on your face. Additionally, you must not miss the delicious BBQ dinner.

Final words

The list of various desert safari experiences is unlimited in Dubai. Therefore, you can choose anyone from the list. Moreover, you will enjoy the desert safari experience more compared to other activities in the city, especially if you own an adventurous soul.

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